Accuracy & Trust


Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory’s QA Program is designed to meet or exceed the requirements set forth in the ISO 17025 guidelines, and by our customers.

Method-specific QA/QC requirements are addressed within EDLab’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s). SOP’s are written for all aspects of the laboratory operations from sample check-in through sample disposal. The QA Program is under the direct supervision of Dr. Rajiv Sahay, a world renowned aerobiologist.

Accuracy and Trust


Samples are analyzed periodically in compliance with laboratory quality assurance program.

Ongoing participation in third party proficiency testing programs. EDlab also participates in the CDC ELITE Program*.

Pan-American Aerobiological Association’s (PAAA) exchange program and ongoing round robin with other laboratories for fungal spore trap analysis.

Our staff is trained in the following: Blind Sample, Method Blank Sample, Duplicate Sample, Replicate Sample, Spiked Sample, Positive Control Sample, Negative Control Sample, Split Sample and Standard/Reference Sample. All in accordance with LQAP Policy.


EDLab has a formal record retention policy in its Quality Assurance Manual that outlines the period various record types, both hard copy and electronic data are maintained and archived. Access to archives is securely controlled and documented.

*Center for Disease Control Environmental Legionella Isolation Technique Evaluation Program.