Multi-Tasking Environmental Test Chamber (M-ETC)

Environmental Test Chamber

Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory (EDLab) provides a unique facility for testing products and technology such as biologicals, pharmaceuticals, industrial, microbial efficacy testing, HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air-conditioning), Indoor environment/air quality and others under specified environmental conditions. EDLab’s environmental test chamber facility is versatile to complete and accommodate the requirements of various testing needs.

M-ETC Highlights:

  • Standalone unit designed to meet test specifications
  • Continuous environmental conditions and air particle size monitoring
  • Integrated system for pressure, humidity and temperature monitoring
  • Low VOC emitting material used in the chamber fabrication
  • Capable of microbial aerosolization and real time microbial air sampling

The laboratory provides the flexibility to meet project requirements for one sample or a batch of products. The test chamber provides the appropriate environmental simulation needed to test a variety of products and technologies in a reliable, comprehensive and budget flexible manner according to industry standards.

Environmental Test Chamber view 2