EDLAB Legionella Response

EDLab Legionella Response

ED LAB is your resourceful, rapid and reliable choice.

Your samples can be analyzed with three resourceful methods utilizing NCM Amplification: Non-Culture, Culture, and Molecular.

Accurate and definitive identification is a key element in causal factor determination, as well as correct diagnostic, treatment and management for Legionella based diseases and outbreaks. NCM amplification employs basic and advanced techniques, providing highly sensitive and precise identification of this bacteria at the species level, to address health and hygiene related issues.

Molecular analysis performed by PCR DNA provides a rapid public health response time. Often within a 4 to 24-hour window in the case of an emergency outbreak.

Real time PCR Legionella testing provides highly sensitive and quantitative results from smaller sample volumes within a few hours. Rapid turnaround time of this technique facilitates an action plan while responding to the emergency.

EDLab’s Standard Reference for Quality (SRQ) Verification performance ensures reliable data that can be acted upon. After your analysis is complete you be provided with a detailed, yet easy to understand, report on the findings. This report can help you to develop a management and remediation plan.

Plus, smaller sample volumes are accepted, and be sure to ask us about a bulk sample discount.

Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory is a multidiscipline indoor air and environmental quality (IAQ/IEQ) facility with a team of microbiologists at the ready to assist you.

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*Rush fees will apply for emergency response.