26 Jun 2022

Eurotium amstelodami (Anamorph: Aspergillus amstelodami)

A slow growing fungus that produces a deep olive-green colony within fourteen days, when incubated at 25oC (77oF). Yellow cleistothecia (a round fruiting body without an opening that contains randomly placed asci containing ascospores) are abundantly produced. Ascospores are light yellow with broad ridges. Specialized thick-walled cells (Hülle cells) may be present. In culture, the anamorph form is also present. It is preferentially distributed in the tropical and subtropical regions. It can be isolated from the air, soil, peat, salt marshes, wheat, corn, tomatoes, carrots groundnuts, rice, bird feathers, honey bees, rabbit dung, rhizospheres of oats, poplar, and barley, and optical glasses. Rarely it is an opportunistic pathogen causing brain abscesses and mycetoma in humans, and aspergillosis in pelicans.