27 Jun 2022

Aspergillus alutaceus (Aspergillus ochraceus)

A rapidly growing fungus that produces a ochraceous to buff colony within fourteen days, when incubated at 25oC (77oF). It is common worldwide and can be isolated from soil, desert soil., salt marshes, caves and mines, children=s sandpits, sewage, foodstuffs including vegetables and ground pepper, wood pulp, cotton fabrics, leather, bird feathers and bees. It produces three ochratoxins (A, B, and C) that are extremely toxic for poultry that have been exposed to it by eating contaminated feed. Ochratoxin A toxicity is comparable to aflatoxin B1 1. Ochratoxins are produced under conditions of high humidity and a temperature of 25oC. Other mycotoxins produced include penicillic acid, biomellein, and xanthomegnin which are toxin to the liver and kidney. Rarely, an opportunistic human pathogen.