Coronavirus Environmental Testing

Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is the causal organism of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The persistence and stability of this virus in the indoor environment is an important aspect in the understanding of the spread and detection of COVID-19. Coronavirus Environmental Testing for SARS-CoV-2  on surfaces is critical for risk assessment, infection prevention and control measures.

Environmental Surveillance

The Coronavirus Environmental Test is designed to determine virus presence and persistence on fomites and hard surfaces. Especially frequently touched surfaces like door handles, elevator buttons, desktops, computers, phones, copy machines and many others. It is also ideal for frequently traveled areas like lobbies, hallways, offices, break rooms, bathrooms and more.

EDLab Coronavirus Testing

Overall, the test result is helpful in the investigation of environmental transmission of COVID-19. It is crucial for surveillance and risk mitigation in commercial, educational, healthcare, industrial and public service facilities.

How the Test Works

Environmental surface samples are collected using an aseptic swab with a synthetic tip that is extracted into a lysate buffer vial. These collected samples need to be received by Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory (EDLab) within 72-hours. The samples are then analyzed utilizing RT-qPCR technology for either a positive (present) or negative (not present) result.

Results are precise, consistent and accurate based on the RNA gene expression of the virus. Finally,  EDLab sends a user friendly report that’s easy to understand and helpful in providing assurances or determining next steps depending on the results.

Coronavirus Environmental Test Uses

  • Detection: Perform non-disruptive bio-surveillance for COVID-19 exposure within facilities
  • Monitoring: Monitor efficacy of disinfection and decontamination efforts
  • Clearance: Clear buildings using risk assessment
  • Assurances: Reassure customers / occupants that an effective Coronavirus management program is in place

Environmental PCR verification and clearance testing for Coronavirus is a game-changer for both the health and economic sides of this pandemic. The cutting-edge technology allows you provide an extra layer of assurance that your building is safe to occupy.

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